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A Delicate Operation

A concrete radio tower over 125 feet tall, which was was surrounded by near buildings, had to come down. We took it down piece by piece to protect the structures close by.

A delicate operation!

demolition of a concrete radio tower by cutting it into pieces, which were then lowered to the ground in order to protect surrounding  buildings.
We took down this concrete tower by carefully cutting it into pieces starting from the top. Those pieces could then be lowered by a crane without endangering surrounding structures.

Sawing And Drilling – Three Decades

Big K Sawing and Drilling is celebrating its thirtieth year in operation this year.

Three decades ago Big K Concrete Sawing began operation from their small location and by sticking to their slogan of “Prompt, Professional Service” the company managed to grow quickly.  We service Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding cities and states.  If you want a company with a flawless safety record, operators with OSHA certification, trucks loaded with the finest equipment to get your job done quickly and cleanly then give us a call.

Hospital Work

We’ve performed work at Cancer Treatment Center, St. John, St. Francis and Hillcrest to name a few.  We’ve performed delicate concrete cutting, core drilling, breaking and removal in sensitive areas like radiation rooms and CyberKnife locations.

At Hillcrest of Tulsa, Big K performed a nice “slice and dice” bit of cutting, pieces of concrete now are manageable for removal.


Here at St. John hospital of Tulsa, Big K performs a surgical concrete cut and removal.  Working at off hours is sometimes necessary for these projects.