A Delicate Operation

A concrete radio tower over 125 feet tall, which was was surrounded by near buildings, had to come down. We took it down piece by piece to protect the structures close by.

A delicate operation!

demolition of a concrete radio tower by cutting it into pieces, which were then lowered to the ground in order to protect surrounding  buildings.
We took down this concrete tower by carefully cutting it into pieces starting from the top. Those pieces could then be lowered by a crane without endangering surrounding structures.

What Is Wallsawing?

Wallsawing is as the name implies, sawing or cutting something on a vertical surface.  Generally a track is mounted to the surface along the line to be cut.  A hydraulic, electric or other such power driven saw is attached to the track and the wall saw does the rest of the work.  Wallsawing is often done for doors, windows and vents.  The possibilities are pretty endless.








What is Core Drilling?

Core Drilling is commonly used to create round openings in concrete, stone etc. to install plumbing, HVAC, electrical, dowels, posts through concrete etc.  or for obtaining test core samples. We can core drilling anything from 1/2″ to 48″ in diameter.  Depth is not a problem, we have the ability to drill at very deep depths…Steel reinforced slabs and walls, brick, block, stone and asphalt can all be core drilled by Big K.