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Professional Memberships

Big K Concrete Sawing and Drilling was the first and is the oldest CSDA member in Eastern Oklahoma.  The CSDA is a nonprofit trade association of contractors, manufacturers and affiliated members from the concrete construction and renovation industry.  CSDA contractors are professionals who can recommend the best techniques and equipment for the most cost-effective cutting and are better prepared to bring projects in on time and within budget.

Visit the CSDA website for more information.

Besides these memberships Big K also attends the “World of Concrete” held annually in Las Vegas.  Big K has attended the show for more than 26 years keeping on top of advancements in the industry, that of cutting and coring concrete!

We’ve Got Electric Excavators!

We Dig Faster, Deeper, Quieter and Safer with our Electric Excavator in Confined Interior Spaces!

Eliminate hours of manual labor, noise, dust and fumes with our electric excavator and electric saws!

  • 10 HP Electric Flat Saw
  • 30 HP Electric Flat Saw
  • Electric Excavator
  • We have various Sized Buckets
  • Powerful trailer mounted 70 KW Generators
  • We are capable of digging to 5′ depth!
  • Excavator Fits through a 30″ doorway!

Great for general contractors, tenant improvement projects, plumbers, electricians, refineries, plants and manufacturing facilities!  One call does it all…